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Slash your way through jungle ruins.  Reclaim the sacred blood, heal the gods,  and invoke the dawn!

This is a Diablo-clone that a group of 17 second-year students at The Game Assembly, Malmö, worked on during Autum 2020.

Alex Möller
Anna Göransson
Charlie Berner
Fredrik Sandberg
Martin Andersson
Ricky Chau

Level Designers:
Alice Persson
Markus Norén

Anton Sjöholm
Astrid Åkesson
Lisa Löfgren
Mons Finn Bergman

Technical Artists:
Kevin Osgyan
Kristian Toro

Elin Carlström (heise-kun)
Felicia Svensson
Lisa Fors


Spite Blood Sun.zip 555 MB

Install instructions

Requires Visual Studios to play.

To be played with keyboard and mouse.

Run the Spite Blood Sun application in the zipped folder to play the game.


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Wow! Cool game!